• $297.99

The unique design of the Sweet Six Snaffle offers an introduction to curb pressure. The Sweet Six is an intermediate step in the training process taking the horse from the O-Ring or D-Ring snaffle to the shank bit which offers increased leverage and control. The SC Signature Iron wrapped O-Ring mouthpiece is slightly more aggressive than the smooth snaffle, refreshes the horse’s mouth and stimulates saliva while laying comfortably across the horses’ tongue. The training package comes complete with the leather-fork Cowboy German Martingale, designed to be used with a single or split training rein. The position of the buttonhole on the rein allows the rider maximum adjustability and the unique SC leather to leather connection for maximum rider feel and communication. The package promotes athletic carriage by helping the horse round in the back while elevating at the wither and poll.

The Training Packages are excellent for building a foundation on young horses or tune-ups on any age horse. Riding the equipment during the week, or in-between competitions helps to repair, realign and rebalance horses in any discipline. Can be used with the Interchangeable Rope Nose Band for additional control and stability.

My Choice Package includes:
Browband headstall • Split Reins • Cowboy German Martingale • Sweet Six Curb Chain • Signature Iron Wrapped Lifesaver