Diamond Wool Contoured Cowboy - Tan/Brown

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Contoured Cowboy is a unique felt that is
manufactured with a Tan Wool blend top combined
with Virgin Brown Wool bottom. Distressed leather
reinforces the contoured spine. Made with a wither
relief notch and finished with wear leathers. On the
thicker 3/4” and 1” pads, under the wear leathers are
beveled cutouts for a close-contact fit.

These pads are built to order & drop ship from the factory direct and can take up to 14 days to ship. 




Our saddle pads have a high percentage of wool content. To avoid shrinkage, do not use hot water to clean or heat to dry. Occasionally brush your pad with a curry brush. This will dislodge hair, dirt and sweat to prolong the usefulness of your pad. Place your pad in a well ventilated area for efficient drying.


 Use a soft cloth/sponge, a mild shampoo or detergent free soap (such as Woolite), and tepid water.

 Slightly dampen the cloth or sponge and add a small amount of soap. Work up a small lather on soiled areas. Rinse with clean water. Allow to air dry

We do not recommend machine washing any of our Diamond Wool® saddle pads.