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Set of 4

Applying your Hoofie!

Step 1: Make sure the feet are clean and free of foreign matter.
Step 2: Using a sanding block, sand the hoof wall to remove the light film on the foot.
Step 3: Be sure to sand all the way to the back of the heels.
Step 4: Sanding is now complete.
Step 5: Using rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth, wipe off the hoofwall removing all sanding dust. Make sure to reach the very back in the heel area. This will ensure a clean surface for the Hoofies to adhere.
Step 6: Before Applying, perform a trial run. This helps to see how the Hoofie will fit against the hoof, and show you where you will possibly need to do some trimming in order to get the best fit possible. ...Now you are ready to apply!
Step 7: After determining the fit for your horse, trim the excess.
Step 8: Using the Hoofies logo to center on the hoof, keep the Hoofie below the hair line.
Step 9: Wrap the Hoofie around the foot towards the heel.
Apply pressure over the foot surface in order to ensure proper adhering.
Step 10: After Hoofies are on the foot, they can be lifted up in order to trim more excess. Reapply pressure to be sure it is stuck.

Removing your Hoofie!

Step 1: Begin to remove by starting at the heels and lifting the edge of the Hoofie.
Step 2: Grab the edge, and pull.
Step 3: Continue pulling towards the front of the hoof.
Step 4: Continue pulling the Hoofie as you come around the foot towards the opposite heel.
Step 5: Once you have reached the opposite side, just continue pulling the Hoofie all the way off!