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#P208 – Stage A

• Size: 2 3/4” Cheeks, 5” Mouth
• Type: Sweet & Sour Snaffle

RE Premier series Performance bits feature heavy stock and a no-pinch ball hinge connection. RE Premier Series Performance bits are Reisman’s very best. They all feature a beautiful copper medallion welded into each no-pinch ball hinge mouth connection. Sweet & Sour mouthpiece increases salivation to lead to a more relaxed jaw and supple mouth Copper is a soft metal, check for signs of wear before each use.

Are You Riding with Both Hands? Stage A bits are great for starting horses, training, or maintaining steady contact. Aspects include direct reining, non-leverage Loose Rings and Dee Rings with mouthpiece diameters 5/16” and over.

Reinsman’s Handshake Promise is a lifetime bit warranty from craftsmanship defects: Our commitment to you is to build the highest quality products from the best materials. Reinsman bits are warrantied to be free of craftsmanship defects throughout its useful life. Handmade in Yoakum, Texas.