Purina® Horse Treats Apple and Oat-Flavored

Purina® Horse Treats Apple and Oat-Flavored

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Show your love with Apple & Oat Flavored Horse Treats. Your horses will love the size, shape and  flavor of these yummy treats, and you’ll love their reaction! Purina® Horse Treats are a perfect nutritional complement to any horse feed, so you can feel good about rewarding (or just spoiling!) all of your equine children!

Features & Benefits

Excellent Sizes and Fun Shapes

Easy to feed, easy to eat

Highly Palatable

Horses love the taste


Nutrient         Min / Max     Amount
Crude Protein    MIN           10 %
Lysine                MIN           0.2 %
Crude Fat          MIN           3 %
Crude Fiber      MAX          13 %
Calcium (Ca)     MIN          0.6 %
Calcium (Ca)     MAX         1.1 %
Phosphorus (P)   MIN         .45 %
Copper (Cu)       MIN          30 PPM
Selenium (Se)     MIN          0.6 PPM
Zinc (Zn)            MIN           125 PPM
Vitamin A           MIN            3000 IU/LB
Vitamin E           MIN             50 IU/LB
Sodium (Na)       MIN            0.01 %
Sodium (Na)       MAX          1.1 %
Selenium (Se)     MIN           0.6 PPM

Feeding Directions

Feed as a reward or treat to adult horses. Do not feed free-choice.
Use only as directed. Do not use as a sole diet. Present treat to horse in an appropriate manner. Feeding added selenium at levels in excess of 0.3 ppm in the total diet is prohibited.