Sportz-Vibe® Horse Blanket

  • $649.99

Designed and created by the team who brought you Ice-Vibe®, Sportz-Vibe® is a massage therapy blanket for horses. Sportz-Vibe® is a comfortable, lightweight and portable massage blanket. Ideal as a warm up or recovery blanket, it helps to warm up muscles before work and ease soreness and stiffness afterwards.


  • Advanced fabric construction incorporating ring spun brushed polyester and anti-static technology.


  • Adjustable front allows one blanket to treat 3 different sizes of horses.
  • Elasticated surcingles allows panels to fit securely onto the animal.
  • There are four areas that vibration panels can be positioned on the blanket: neck, shoulders, center back and hind quarters.
  • Comes with 4 panels, battery controller, connecting cable and charger.

SIZE: Small 63"-69" Medium 72"-78" Large 81"-87" 

✔ Reduces inflammation

✔ Improves quality of life

✔ Reduces pain

✔ Improves blood supply to tissue

✔ Relaxes muscles